Hi, and Welcome to Peaches Poker Pics.  My name is Sherry Pluskota aka Peaches.  NO, I'm not a professional photographer, nor claim to be.  As many of you know, I just LOVE to take pics.  And I have and will do so for free, cuz it's my passion.  

After much encouragement by many, I've decided to pursue more opportunities involving two of my passions.  Photography and Poker.  It all starts here, with this page.  I've begun to watermark my pics, although you may still use them for FREE and non commercially.  Please be sure to give me credit for my work.  

However, if you want a larger Digital form of any pics, there will be a slight charge, which will help defer my cost....surely you can understand why.  Also, you will be able to order prints of any pics as well as a vast array of items.  Some of the items you can customize with pics will include:  playing cards, calendars, greeting cards, t shirts....to name a few,  Just go to my store to see the vast selection of items.

As part of the Media Team for the WPA (Women's Poker Association) I continue to enjoy taking pics of Women at the poker tables.  Knowing so many gents got me to thinking, I would like to provide them with pics of themselves too.  Hence my PeachesPokerPics FB page and now this website were put into place.

If you have any event you would like me to "shoot", for FREE.....you cover my expenses...just ask and if I'm available I'll be happy to do it for you!  Until then...welcome to my site and enjoy my pictures!    

                                                                                    Hope to see on you on the felt, via my lens ......Sherry